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New donation page and better first-time user experience

We are pumped to share the most recent changes we've made aimed at providing first-time Giv2 users (donors) with a better experience and also to ensure we better showcase your organisation.

Better donor experience: People told us they wanted: "One simple and easy way to donate, anywhere." This is one of the core reasons why we developed Giv2. 

Yet for a first-time user, the step of creating their Giv2 account can still evoke questions of "why?". So we have added a "What is Giv2?" link on the login page. This brings up a short explanation to help would-be donors understand the power of having one account that can be used to donate again in future with just 3 clicks.

A 'new look' donation page:

We've redesigned your donation page - the change means:

  • More focus on the ‘DONATION’ action

  • Your logo is LARGER and more striking

  • More focus on your Campaign Name by capturing it in a grey contrast 

  • More space to display your description (remember you have up to 500 characters)

We continue to work on improvements and have some exciting ones in development, which we hope to share with you soon.

We want to make it easy for Kiwi's

to support Kiwi charities and fundraising groups.


Want to know more about Giv2?

please get in touch...

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