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Is my Credit Card details safe?

Yes. We've partnered with Stripe & Paymark - both a leading providers of online credit card payment processing. Stripe is used by companies like: Xero / / Salesforce / Hubspot / Lyft / Wish and many more. Check them out for yourself Paymark is used by companys all across New Zealand - check them out

Does Giv2 Store my Credit Crad details?

No. We use to securely manage all Credit Card details. You are safe knowing a world-leading provider is making sure your credit card details remain secure.

Does Giv2 share my details with charities or fundraising groups

We provide the organisations that use Giv2 for their cashless donations with only the information related to the transactions they have received - e.g. value, date&time, the campaign info etc.

How much of my donation gets to the cause I'm supporting?

All credit card companies impose a processing fee. We offer organisations the choice of using either Stripe or Paymark to process the donations you make. Giv2 also adds a charges a 1.9% per transaction fee to contribute to our cost of proving the service.

Even this small cost is better than not being able to support the cause or donating to them at all.