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Nearly famous quote:
"You are making the difference this world needs"
- Giv2
Charities and Nonprofits

Because the work you do is important. You serve a need, have purpose, and extend AROHA

Clubs and

You are the heart of community you bring the sense of belonging, mateship, and HAPORI

Why use Giv2

Emails & Newsletters

They've read your message, now let them act

Close the Decision-to-Action gap by including a Giv2-QR code in the call to action of your emails or newsletter. Let people donate instantly.


Include a Giv2-QR code in your email signature.

Peer-to-Peer networks

Mobilise your volunteers

Bake-sales, Sausage Sizzles: give each of your volunteers their own Giv2-QR code to collect donations and contributions cashless & contactlessly at their event or workplace.  

Let those without cash also support the event. It's quick and more convenient than cash. And the funds come straight into your bank account. No more manual cash handling.

Posters, Brochures & your Sponsors

Do more than just communicate your message

Every poster, sign, flyer, even business card, can now accept donations - 24/7.​ Anytime anyone sees your message and is moved to donate:  let them - in just 3 clicks.

Let your sponsors display your Giv2-QR code in their stores, offices, on their vehicles, packaging, at corporate events or in their email signatures.


Go cashless & contactless at your next event

Don’t be limited to just a few EFTPOS terminals (and remove the time and effort to get one).​


Put your Giv2-QR (or poster) everywhere around your event - every entrance, table, and information stand. Let your volunteers carry a code each and add on to your takeaway or goodie bag. 

Have separate Giv2-QR codes for donations vs. items you sell.

What you get

Scan a Give2 Qr code .png
Engage a more digital audience

Cater to the phone-in-hand generation. Make it fun and easy for them to support your cause.

Donor Receipts

We'll send a receipt or confirmation for each transaction - you've got more important things to do.

Superior  Campaign Analytics

See how each Giv2-QR code is doing. Compare your events, locations, times, marketing messages etc.

Ditch the eftpos machine

Let people use their phone to give - anywhere around your event. Save yourself the cost and logistics of managing eftpos machines.

Contactless Payments

Donations from a donor's own phone in just 3 clicks. No touch, no-hassle. Safe.

Make your marketing earn 

All your posters, ads, brochures, even emails should EARN their keep - let people donate even when you are not around. Let your Corporate Sponsors' posters earn you donations.

Digital Donations from anywhere

Anywhere someone sees your message,  or call to action, they can now donate - as long as you have a Giv2-QR code on or next to your message.

Cashless for a cashless society

Maximise the giving opportunities at your next event. Let each volunteer, bucket, flyer, or table have a Giv2-QR code.

Voluteer fundraining with Qr code.png

QR Code Donations

Cashless Giving for the most cashless society in the world

A Giv2-QR code can be added to any marketing material. 




Click or scan QR  ->  ->

This is your demo Credit Card:

4242 4242 4242 4242

exp: 12/23   cvv: 123

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