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We believe people want to help or support others in their time of need. Giv2’s mission is to make it easy for people to be generous. So, a Giv2-QR code can go anywhere you can put an image. . . but now you can also direct people to your Giv2 donation page in new ways.

Social short link

Let’s face it… social happens on your phone - so how do you scan a QR code on your own phone screen? Easy, you can’t!

So we created Giv2’s social short links. Simply add the short link to your Facebook or Instagram post. Your friends and followers can just tap on the link to be taken over to your Giv2 donation page. And, the short link does not eat up too many characters in your post - see:


Each one of your Giv2-QR codes (collection points) has its own short link. So you could use different codes/links on different posts to see which message is getting the best response.

Mobilise your social platforms to instantly received donations, just add a call to action and your Giv2 QR-code’s short link.


Embed link

Each Giv2-QR also comes with an embed code. It’s like the weblink to your donation page. You can imbed the link into some text (click here to donate) or into an image.

Think about putting a Giv2 QR code on your email signature or your website and adding the embed code. Now people viewing these:

  • on their desktop can scan your QR code using their phone, or

  • on their mobile phone can just tap the QR…

… and be taken straight over to your Giv2 donation page.

Let your sponsors or corporate partners add your logo with embed code to their website, email signatures, newsletters, etc. See exactly how many donations you receive from your various partnerships/supporters.


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