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Heart of Gold - St John & ASB

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Show your heart of gold

The team at Giv2 is beyond excited that St John and their major partner ASB have selected Giv2 to support this year’s Heart of Gold Annual Appeal.

A Giv2 QR code on their campaign materials means you can make a contactless / cashless donation on the spot in just 3 clicks from your own phone.

Every year the St John Annual Appeal helps ensure that St John can continue to do its vital lifesaving work across New Zealand communities. This year they're raising money for ambulances and lifesaving equipment to have exactly what they need to be there for you.

Help St John be there for you - donate now.

Simply point your phone camera at a Giv2 QR code – just like this one ...

Then follow the prompts to get your profile set up and make your donation – all in less than 2 minutes.

Anyone can set up a Giv2 Donor profile.

Once you have a donor profile you can donate again in future, to any charity on the Giv2 platform in just 3 clicks. Simply scan their QR with your camera, choose the dollar amount to donate, and then clicking “Give”.

3 Clicks - Done


Interested in Giv2 for your organisation? Get in touch now


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