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What is a QR code? - And QR code donations?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The techy version:

A QR Code consists of 7 parts. Each of these creates a sort of pixel pattern and has a specific purpose to conveys certain information such as the print direction, timing, error tolerance, and empty spaces to differentiate the Code from what surrounds it.

My version:

It's a fancy barcode with some nifty tricks. I've heard it described as a 2-dimensional barcode that conveys a wide multitude of information.

The key things are:

1) It's quick

Just scan it from your phone camera - and presto it does its thing.

2) They mostly look like this -------------->

but can be more or less complicated (ie. smaller or larger pixels and more or fewer of them. Also these days they can get quite funky and colorful.)

2) Most modern phone cameras can read them

try it - just point your camera at the code. Your camera should prompt you to 'follow the link'- this one is a link to our website. If it doesn't work, your phone might be one of those that still need a specific QR reader app - luckily your Giv2 account comes with one built-in so you can scan any of our Giv2 QR codes.

3) They can have almost any information embedded in them, like:

  • someone's contact details - you scan and save their details instead of having to manually enter it.

  • a link to any website - like a cat video, or a specific page (this is what a Giv2-QR Code does - they take you straight to the Organisation's Giv2 donation page so you can make a contribution).

4) And lastly......Safety first (probably should have lead with this one . . . )

In most cases, a QR code will try to take you to a website. Unless you absolutely trust the source of the code, never let it "run an application" on your phone... it might be a virus or worse. Just like you would never follow a link emailed to you for online banking login, you should always be sure to check what the QR code is asking you to do. Ask yourself:

  • What is asking me to do - is that safe/legit?

  • Does the website address look right - is it what I was expecting?

  • Where did this QR come from - is the source trustworthy?


In simple terms Giv2's QR Code Donation system works like this:

  1. Charitable organisations are set up on Giv2.

  2. They get a 'Donation Page' and a Giv2 QR code.

  3. Anyone can then scan the Giv2-QR code from their phone and be instantly directed to the organisations 'Donation page' to then donate.

This is what a Giv2-QR code looks like (it's our demo so scan and see it in action).

Anyone can have a Giv2 Donor account

- donate in 3 clicks

Just go to giv2.net from your phone and sign in. An account gives you:

  • save and secure login

  • safely store your credit card details - so you can simply click 'Give' on any Giv2 organisation donation page to have your credit card charged. (It's like your favorite online store saving your credit card details for a quick check out).

  • one place to see a list of all the donations you've made - easy to claim your 33% tax rebate at the end of the year.

  • Donate in just 3 clicks

And last but probably the coolest thing

(again probably should have lead with this bit):

QR Code Donations - are Contacless & Cashless

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