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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

As a founding team, we have a very keen heart towards charities and helping, hence why we started Giv2 😊


Melissa tells the story of our start:

I was walking down Franklin road one Christmas looking at all the Christmas lights. There was a girl playing beautiful violin music, fundraising for a school trip, on another corner there was someone selling yummy looking Christmas cookies fundraising for Cancer, but the only person who got my money that night was the coffee cart – because they had an EFTPOS machine.

I really wanted to give and felt gutted that I didn’t have any cash on me – even attempted to find an ATM! That night, as we drove home Giv2 was birthed.

I wanted it to be easy for anyone to give when they want to. For kids or groups that are fundraising to have a tool that is safe and easy to use. Something that would make it easy to give straight from your phone - cos’ you might not carry cash but who goes anywhere without their phone these days? It needed to be cashless as New Zealand is one of the most cashless societies in the world and yet we still rely on cash for fundraising. Why? It’s CRAZY!

Surely we can do better. Charities do so much good work, we should help them spend more time on their mission than on trying to get funding.


And so our mission started:

Make it easy for people to give straight from their phone.

We’re taking the “cold coin donation” - DIGITAL

How does Giv2 work?

It’s a QR payment system. From your phone simply scan the organisation’s Giv2-QR code, this takes you to the organisations’ Giv2 Campaign page. You choose the amount to donate and click Give.


With your Giv2 Donor account (which takes like 20 seconds to set up) your credit card details are safe and our system remembers you. So anywhere you see a Giv2-QR code you can: Scan | Choose | Give. Then stroll away. It's that simple.

For Charities, request a Giv2 Organisation account and set up campaigns to match your real-world campaigns or events. Add these to your existing marketing materials, posters, brochures, event stands, TV ads and start receiving donations – straight from any passer-by’s phone. It’s that simple.

It’s that simple.

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