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It's time to: Love your Local

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Our local Kiwi businesses are doing some hard yards at the moment

Kiwi businesses across the country have been impacted by lockdowns. It's taken a toll on the whole country and many businesses are doing it really tough. It's time to:

Buy them a virtual drink to show your support

This campaign was started with the aim of showing Kiwi businesses some LOVE and support during a tough time. Just knowing something is thinking of them will make a big difference.


Anyone in the team of 5 million can now buy a local business a virtual coffee or a beer to say cheers!

Make a koha of $5 (price of a coffee) or $10 (price of a beer) to your local small business by scanning their Giv2-QR. Wanna give more? No problem you can do that too.


It's a simple but powerful way to let Kiwi businesses know someone cares, to say: Kia Kaha kiwis.

So go nominate a business you think could do with some Aroha – being nominated shows them, that someone cares. www.love-you-local.co.nz

Powered by Giv2, NZ's 3 click donation system, anyone can simply scan a business' Giv2-QR code from their phone camera and follow the steps to make a koha to that business in less than a minute.

Business owners: list your business at the website: www.love-your-local.co.nz. Then display your unique Giv2-QR code at your business, on your website and you also get a unique social short link to share on social media. Now anyone can scan your Giv2-QR code or follow your social short link on their mobile phone to koha as a show of support and aroha.

Why support this?

Thousands of small businesses in Aotearoa are struggling. They are the lifeblood of our communities and trying to operate at the current alert levels is stressing some of them to the limit. Government support is helpful - but it doesn't cover the business losses during the lockdown. People are losing their jobs, their livelihood, and in many cases being left with significant debt.

Nothing can replace "getting back to business as usual", but this is a small act to 'Love your Local' is aimed at bringing some much-needed support and encouragement to Kiwi businesses.

So come on Team of 5 million - get out there and Love your Local.

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