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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Not all QR code systems are created equal

Starting this blog post today, fully intending it to be a short one - so bear with me.

A question of convenience

"Scan & donate" sounds convenient - but have a look at the fine print. Most QR donation systems are a one-time donation, which means you still need to enter all your details each time. Things like credit card and email with some personal details to get your tax receipt.

Giv2 lets you the donor have a single Giv2 account that can be used at any Giv2-QR code. Set up once, use it Everywhere. Setup takes about 15 seconds and then they are good to go - Now anyone CAN donate in just 3 clicks.

Full service

Consider the full service - what do you get - and we don't mean just the donor or the fundraisers, but both. Some systems are geared towards only one side of the equation.

We try and ensure a good balance of benefits for both donors and fundraisers.

  • instant receipts - helps keep admin down for everyone

  • analytics help fundraisers learn what works and plan better next time

  • 3-click convenience engages a younger audience and results in more donations

  • Cashless and Contacless - well what more to say...

  • (and the list can continue, but I promised at the start to keep it short today)

At Giv2 we already have a whole list of features that will get rolled out as we go, giving everyone a better experience, a fuller experience, and a simpler process.

Local, Local, Local

...yes COVID-times call for COVID-measures: So I'll say it 'Please Support Local'. Giv2 is an Kiwi company dedicated to serving Kiwi charities.

We want to make it easy for Kiwi's

to support Kiwi charities and fundraising groups.


Want to know more about Giv2?

please get in touch...

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