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The Kiwi QR-Code donation system





to any fundraising group


Scan the Giv2-QR Code

from your phone


Choose the $ amount

you want to Give


Tap "Give"

and your donation is done

Digital donations

The Giv2 QR code payment system:

Anyone can use their phone camera to scan a Giv2 created QR code.


No App needed, just open your camera and point it at the Giv2-QR and follow the link in your browser.

Your Giv2 account lets you donate to any fundraising group in just 3 Clicks.


Dont' be limited by cash

Why people don't give online.png

Why people don't give online

Online donation forms take to long

  • Charities & Nonprofits

    Receive donations from a Giv2-QR code on any of your marketing materials:

    Posters, banners, email signatures, online ads, TV ads, all your event displays, every volunteer, and everywhere else...

  • Donate in 3 clicks from your phone

    Sign in once, donate anywhere. Never fiddle for your credit card again.

    Your Giv2 account tracks all your giving in one place - easy to get your 33% tax rebate.

  • Schools, Clubs

    & Groups

    Drop the EFTPOS.

    Supercharge the sausage sizzle or bake sale.

    Let the kids fundraise using their own Giv2-QR.


    Safe. Cashless. So simple.

Get set up - now

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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Mark Twain

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