The Kiwi system for instant cashless donations

Giv2 is the QR code donation system that allows anyone to make an instant and cashless donation to any fundraising group in Aotearoa.

Just scan the organisation's Giv2-QR code then choose an amount and click give.


Every one of your posters, pamphlets, and handouts can now activate a donation. So too your social post, emails, and sponsors materials.    

Scan the Giv2-QR Code
from your phone
Choose the $ amount
you want to Give
Tap "Give"
and your donation is done

Digital donations

The cold-coin-donation has gone digitial

Anyone can use their phone camera to scan a Giv2 created QR code and make an instant donation. 

No App needed, just open your camera, point it at the Giv2-QR and follow the link in your browser.

Set up your Giv2 account just once. 

Existing Giv2 users can donate anywhere in just 3 clicks.

First time users can be setup and have completed their first donation in less than a minute,

Our goal is...

... for all Kiwis to have a Giv2 donor account so they can easily donate anytime to any Charity they want.  To be able to buy that cupcake or sausage sizzle at their local event without needing cash, just their phone.

One platform for all of Aotearoa to use - so Kiwis can do instant digital donations whenever they want. 

... for all Kiwi fundraisers to use Giv2 to recevie instant digital donations.

... for the 'gold coin donation' to be simple and easy again for anyone to make or receive.

Why people don't give online

Online donation forms take to long.
I don’t want to fill in a form for each donation.
I just want quick and easy.

So we're Changing the Game

In the cashless era, we need simple and easy ways for anyone to give to their favorite cause. Our phone-in-hand generation can now set up a donor profile with Giv2 and instantly support any cause displaying a Giv2-QR code. Charities can display their Giv2-QR anywhere and receive donations everywhere - even when they don't have EFTPOS or volunteers.

Charities can now persist their message and 'donation stations' - receive donations on your materials year-round, not just when you have volunteers.