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Our local Kiwi businesses are doing some hard yards at the moment

Thousands of small businesses in Aotearoa are struggling. They are the lifeblood of our communities and trying to operate at the current alert levels is stressing some of them to the limit. 


Government support is helpful - but it doesn't cover the business losses during lockdown. People are losing their jobs, their livelihood, and in many cases being left with significant debt.


As a “team of 5 million” let's share some Aroha - Love your Local. They bring so much to our communities. Let’s give them a helping hand, celebrate them, and buy them a virtual drink to say we're thinking of you. 

Buy a local business a virtual coffee or a beer to show your support:


$5 Koha

Beer Mug Chevalier

$10 Koha

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*Koha/donations are not eligible for a tax rebate

It's cool to koha - and so easy: 

  1. Find your local below (can't find them, nominate them)

  2. Scan their QR code with your phone camera (or tap it if you're already on your phone)

  3. Login to Giv2 (log in once - use Giv2 anywhere)

  4. Follow the instruction on screen to add credit card details

  5. Ka pai on your Koha

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See it - Scan it


Find your local below 


Norton Glass

Check out this business:

Want to be here?

Norton Glass

19 Bath Street, Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand

Release and Unwind Therapeutic Massage

Check out this business:

Want to be here?

Release and Unwind Therapeutic Massage
Coming soon

Can't find them - nominate them below

Love your Local

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Are you a local, LESS impacted by lockdown, and want to do MORE to help others?

Share this page with your networks. Or if you want to put more resources behind this campaign - get in touch and let's chat about how you can help.

How does it work?

Team of 5 Million

  • Scan and Support: anyone in the Team of 5 Million can then scan the Giv2-QR code to "buy them a coffee or a beer" to say Cheers.

  • Set up a Giv2 donor account once (it takes less than a minute) then use it anywhere: support a local business with a koha to say cheers (or any one of the NZ Charities currently using Giv2).

Local Businesses

  • Register Your Business: use the link to register. Once verified, you'll be listed above. Download your Giv2-QR code and display it at your business, on your website, and grab the 'social shortlink' for your social media. Now share it with everyone.

  • Your listing: the 'Love your Local' webpage will also show your business' name, address, and your Giv2-QR code so people can search for your business and then buy you that coffee or beer.

  • Month-end: at the end of the month, the donations made to your Giv2-QR code will be deposited into your business' bank account - so make sure you share your Giv2-QR code.


What is Giv2

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Giv2 is New Zealand's 3-Click Donation System
It's Cashless & Contactless
  • Existing users can scan and donate in 3 clicks.

  • New users can scan, set up their account once, and donate - all in under 1 minute.

Setup once - Use anywhere

No App needed - just scan with your phone camera, or go to on your phone.

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For more about Giv2 

Please visit